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Flypota Optical transceiver with DDM (digital diagnostic monitor) ?

    At present, the optical transceiver module in a variety of network types is more and more, increasingly high requirements. In order to meet the growing needs of the system, Flypota optical module is constantly moving towards standardization, miniaturization, intelligence development. Intelligent SFP modules, digital diagnostic functions SFP optical module is a symbol of technological upgrading of various manufacturers products.


So what is DDM (digital diagnostic monitor) ?
DDM is Digital-diagnostic-monitoring which provides a user with critical information concerning the status of the transmitted and received signals. This approach allows for better fault isolation and error detection.

Using of intelligent optical modules, network management unit can realtime monitor transceiver module temperature, supply voltage, laser bias current, as well as transmit and receive optical power. The measurement of these parameters can help manage the unit to identify the location of the fiber link failure, simplify maintenance, improve system reliability. This article will describe how the light module in Gigac Lee digital diagnostic functions of positioning optical module system failure.


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