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AOC technology application

AOC technology application in the field of smart home 

Smart home includes building, network communication, information appliances and equipment automation, and integrates system, structure, service and management into one efficient, comfortable, safe and environmentalfriendly living environment. Until now, smart home is still in the market promotion period. All the home network system, information collection system, security alarm system and automatic control system within 3dimensional smart home are basically based on USB connector data communication mode to connect multiple independent household subsystems, collect realtime household environment security.
Today, more and more home appliance manufacturers are joining in the smart home entrance battle. Without exception, they all select the USB connector in addition to WIFI function. AOC possesses advantages like longer transmission distance, easier for wiring, etc., obviously, it is more suitable for application on this occasion. Let’s take an example: if one would like to watch movies in the computer of study in the television of living room, while unfortunately, both the copper cable USB transmission distance and WIFI data rate and capacity are not enough for the real time watching. There is one perfect solution: USB 3.0 AOC, as you have known, the maximum transmission distance of which can be up to 100 meters.
Potentially, smart home system not only exists in family, but in the hotel system as well. Hotel highdefinition interactive and hotel VOD video on demand platform are good examples for the application of USB 3.0 and HDMI AOC to help hotels realize intelligent management.
Looking forward to the future, AOC technology will penetrate deeply in a variety of consumer transmission applications, promote the highend development of consumer electronics industry and improve people's quality of life substantially.

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