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1 Fiber +4 RJ45 Media Converter

provided by FLYPOTA  independent R&D of new high speed Ethernet transmission device, It can be achieved in two different twisted pair and fiber optic transmission media conversion,  to meet the long-distance, high speed, high bandwidth Fast Ethernet workgroup users needs. Its advantage can be fast matching and connect with optical port of switches .


● Standard: IEEE 802.3z/AB 100Base-T/SX/LX/ZX
● Connector :  RJ45
                       Fiber : SC、STor FC optional
                       LED: PWR, FX Link/ACT,FDX,TX-100,
                       TX Link/ACT,FX-1000
● : Twist cable : 100Mbps
     fiber cable : 100Mbps
● Power : AC 220V(165-260V),50Hz or DC -48V 。
● Working Temperature :0~50℃
● Storage Temperature :-20~70℃
● Humidity:5%~90%,
● Size:140×110×45mm

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